Friday, July 17, 2015

A Vision For An Embattled Nation Burns Brightly

There is a destiny for each nation. Whether you believe in a loving and just God or in supernatural laws of Providence, we all know, deep in within, that there is a pattern, a state of community in our nation that was planned outside the designs of man.

My country of adoption, Malaysia, is one such nation that desperately needs to see the vision that was intended for her. Of late, she has been humiliated by financial shenanigans in high places, by the erosion of her institutions, by the hardship of fresh economic pressures (Ringgit collapsing by 25% within a year since August 2014) and most importantly, the lack of spiritual direction in a multi-ethnic community.

What are we to do ? Hope for fresh political solutions? The Opposition is fractured by a lack of vision and execution while the incumbent coalition has almost no chance of reform by virtue of its race-based political raison d'etre.

Malaysia Has A Good Destiny!

Since God is good, the plan and destiny that was designed for this nation must be good. Does God care for all that is happening in Malaysia? The lost planes, the oil collapse, the corruption scandals and the intimidation of the press to freely investigate, criticise and analyse. The key focus of every citizen, well almost all if not for the uninformed rural folks, has been the Prime Minister, who faces international and domestic pressures to be transparent about his role in a complex financial disaster. 

Malaysia is strangely resilient despite past crises. This nation has thrived for decades under the weight of an oppressive political structure. Despite some progress in democratic albeit lopsided elections and a contentious parliamentary process, Malaysia has appeared to have persevered without any major social crisis since the national trauma of May 13 1969. But the times are becoming more perilous by the day and the globalists' end game for the nation has already commenced.

Since the political solutions have been exhausted, we may have to look for a non-political solution. True political reform is almost impossible when there is gerrymandering of election boundaries. The only way out of the quagmire is a spiritual revolution in each Malaysian citizen, starting with one individual man or woman (No, it does not depend on Catherine Rewcastle Brown, Tun Mahathir or Anwar).

Christian preachers say, do not look at the storm that is engulfing our boats. Instead turn your gaze to the Creator. And our God is is a living God, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

The End Game

To understand deeply why this country is facing so many turbulent events (known as shakings) and challenges from all fronts, we need to look at the global geopolitics of the times. The world is at a stage of preparation for a One World Government that will be established through the formation of manipulated crises in each nation and region. Even a small country like Malaysia is not spared. In fact, small countries that have the highest potential to renew itself into a new destiny are the ones that are targeted by globalist forces to be subdued into willing and grateful submission. On the geopolitical economic front, the pressure by the U.S.A. for Malaysia to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement has escalated. (This secret agreement is not only an economic pact but very much a political consent by small nations to submit their sovereign rights to global multinational corporations.)

God's destiny for Malaysia is for this nation to be a haven of harmony for Asian nations. This nation's destiny is to bless the surrounding nations in Asia as they move into their assigned destinies.

Out of chaos, there will inevitably be a new order. Depending on our wisdom and intelligence, that new order can either be for good or for evil. In the face of the ferocity of the enemy of this nation, we have to pray passionately for God's mercy and grace to abound that God will align Malaysia's current destiny to His intentions and final goal. The journey is as perilous as JR Tolkien's fantasy story of the Hobbit's journey to destroy the ring in the Mount Mordor. We are now inside the belly of the earthquake and the decision is ours to take. 

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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