Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Position Should Malaysian Churches Take In Politics?

One common issue that has arisen frequently among Malaysian Christians is this universal question of what position should Christians (or the church as a body) take in regard to politics. Should Christians voice out their support for a party that espouses moral leadership values and good governance? Or should Christians remain neutral with regard to political affiliations? 

This issue was raised in a recent post in Micah Mandate and written by Alwyn Lau. As a macro economist, I find it always helpful to tackle controversial issues with a broader mindset and be intellectually wary of popular thinking.

The political climate in which we live in today is not as simple as the writer suggests i.e. vote out the government that has lost legitimacy in the eyes of God and the people. Look at what happened in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and now Syria. All those governments were in their own ways, dictatorial and illegitimate but have been taken over by the ‘Muslim Brotherhood,’ which I
strongly believe (and supported by several investigators) is an undercover operation of the One World Government/Illuminati/Committee of 300. After the 'Arab Spring' revolution, those  countries are now in worse shape than before the regime change.

(To digress, the study of geopolitics can greatly benefit from applying probability analysis to events - how probable is it that several countries' regimes can fall like a deck of cards within a short time frame? How probable is it that hijackers armed with paper cutters can bomb the twin towers on their own?)  

While I share the view that Christians need to be involved in reforming their societies, yet we have to take a skeptical view that all political actions (even a peaceful revolution) are like toothless tigers without a genuine call for the spiritual renewal of a nation.

The globalist agenda of the committee of 300 is to play two national political forces (BN vs Pakatan Rakyat) against each other and when there is widespread chaos and disenchantment, the global government will step in to offer a “new” solution that inevitably means destroying the national sovereignty of the people. Their methods can be through military incursions (e.g. the Sulu incident in Lahad Datu?), false flags, political unions (e.g. the disastrous Eurozone project) or rigged elections to usher in their chosen candidates.

As far as the church’s position is concerned, I personally believe that it would have been more prudent for churches like DUMC (in deference to Pastor Daniel whom I know is a good man of God) to be more supportive of ethical and moral values in governments/parties rather than take a specific party line. 

This is because we as Christians should be careful not to put our faith in men (or parties for that matter), however honest or however noble their values. If we put our faith in men instead of moral leadership values, then they too can turn corrupt once they are in power. This is especially poignant in today’s geopolitics when global secret societies are attempting to manipulate the destinies of nations through the media/financial markets/economic and political alliances.

In conclusion, do make your voice stand out for reform and do vote. But be wise and watchful, and when you hear rumours of wars and shakings among nations, pray hard for God’s protection over our nation.


J Lee said...

I believe in the alternative view as Alwyn suggests, “To be political is the church’s eternal role, to be partisan is the contingent necessity.”
To condemn corruption in general but refusing to specifically name the parties involved is akin to allowing the party to continue in power when the church is supposed to be the light and salt of the earth. A clear example of abuse, among many others, is the recent expose of corruption in Sarawak government by Global Witness (blanked out by mainstream media, successfully hiding the truth from the bulk of the voting public). Jesus thundered at the Pharisees' hypocrisy and John the Baptist condemned Herod's immorality without fear of being politically incorrect.God has given us the responsibility to remove evil by the totally non-violent means of voting.How then can the church still be wishy washy about who to vote out?

Jeremiah said...

J Lee,

I totally agree with you and Alwyn that Christians should not be constrained by political correctness in expressing and naming the party that commits evil.

Just as I am not afraid to critizise Obama as a leader who is surreptiously destroying the fabric of American society and the Middle East through his slow erosion of Biblical values such as the sanctity of life, marriage between man and women and the sovereignty of nations.

However, much as i am against Obama's policies, I would not wholeheartedly support the opposite party, which is also part of the US political duopoly.

Likewise, I may have voted for PR but I will not give them a free pass in all their policies just because they are the only viable party that can unseat BN.

God's ways are beyond man's wisdom. Now that the nation is witnessing mass rallies among many urban Msians, we are treading a fine political balance.

While I support the people's protest against electoral fraud and 5 decades of institutional racism and corruption, I believe Barisan will be pressured at some point to either (a) reform from within or(b) perish in the next elections once the rural voters see through their lies and bribes.

What we should strive for is a delicate situation where the citizen is the real boss and not the political party. GE 08 and 13 showed the trend is agaisnt BN so they have to really act fast in a way that is legitimate and ethical.

Just as Pastor Daniel once warned many years ago, it is not wise to demonise the Islamic party PAS. So it is also not wise to demonise UMNO because the real enemy is the devil who is influencing the warlords. The devil is no respecter of parties and will make deals with both sides of the fence.

So the strategy for Msians is to pressure both parties to come up with a viable political solution to Malaysia's dependence on race-based politics in the next few months and years.

The 21st century clock is ticking and the global elite are planning to destabilise every nation (we also need to watch what the Spore government is doing with regard to our politics and wrt their own citizens).

This is a long post but I hope i have made my global perspective clear so that we do not put our hopes in external bodies like the UN, the US or even China, which is totally hopeless in regards to human rights and political freedom.

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