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Prophecy on Malaysia during The Feast of Tabernacle (Kuching)

Prophecy on Malaysia during The Feast of Tabernacle

(Kuching, 2015 Oct 3 & 4)

Allen Faubion
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Malaysia is a Rainbow Country, in a sense that it is a unique country with diversity. Its diversified races, religions and cultures existed in acceptance, harmony, tolerance and peace.

Malaya gained independence from the British in 1957 Aug 31. Few years later Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah gained independence too and joined Malaya in 1963 Sep 16, thus, the formation of Malaysia. Unfortunately, Singapore left in 1965 Aug 9 and became a Sovereign State.

Many citizens who lived through the old days before 1990 could testify the blessed state as a Malaysian in which every body could enjoy each other. Of course there was the dark age of 1969 May 13 incident which had marred our image. Nevertheless, it had little impact during the days of 1970s and 1980s.

It was sad that eventually the power that be had steered the country into racial and religious extremism. It was getting worse in the last ten years. It was especially serious in the past one year where the government have many unresolved scandals which plagued the country's currencies.

Let us continue to pray for Malaysia. We have confidence that God is in control of our nation. We love Malaysia, we don't play up racial issues. All of us are Malaysians no matter what race you are.

The following is a prophecy for Malaysia.

Date: Oct 3 - 4
Venue: SIB, Kuching
Speaker: Rev. Allen Faubion

Disclaimer: Some people, including Christians, are always critical of Prophecies. They will question the position of the Prophets and labelled them as "Prophets of Doom". However, whether the prophecies came from God is not for us to judge. Prophecies always come with conditions. God requires the Christians to do their parts.

Prophecy for Malaysia:

God is government and the government of Malaysia is upon His shoulders. There will be signs of change at Putrajaya in the next 30 days.

Be ready for economic highs and economic lows for the nation of Malaysia in the coming months. We are in the economic lows, and have great anticipation for economic highs.

Economic highs are in days ahead.  God's plan for Malaysia, until the January of 2016, is for us to shift into the economic highs.

We decree & declare that the Malaysian’s political & economic structures will be adjusted abruptly to God's plan, and there will be no other substitute but everything Godly! Amen!

God's Word is everlasting, and we must stand firm upon HIS Word and the promises of Him for our nation.  God is our source.  We should be at the center of His heart and, above all, STAND FIRM in a time of the nationwide "shifting sand!"

The Year 5776 has the Divine double portion of grace to slay all giants in our path and all mountains looming over our life. Our weapons of warfare are the shofar and the Divine provision for year, a tent peg (Vav/Waw). 

No human has ever seen the fullness of what is ahead but Malaysia will enter her destiny destined by God. 

All will acknowledge our God is Sovereign! 


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Another wonderful prophecy of hope for Malaysia by Dr. Jonathan David
Recorded Live @ Wisma M.C.A. Kuala Lumpur on October 25th, 2012 (

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