Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Escalation of The Nation's Troubles Will Precede The Great Global Deception

If we are to look around the world today from the macro to the individual level, there seems to be an escalation, an acceleration in disorder. In almost every country and society, there are two themes at work side by side as it were.

On the one hand, we observe economic and political changes that shift the power from one group of people (usually the majority middle class and the lower income groups) to another group (the elite minority who form 10% of the community but control more 70-80% of their wealth). Geopolitically, the destabilisation of the Middle East and the Ukraine, the nationalism and anti-austerity sentiment of the European countries and the spread of ISIS, are making life more complicated and the future extremely uncertain.

On the other hand, there is the gradual emergence of new plans for the one world government whereby a manipulated disorder leads inevitably and logically to a solution offered by the elite, which is ultimately the 'chipping' of every human being for the sake of security, safety and peace.

That solution will usher in the tribulation that the Bible speaks about in the end times, an unprecedented time in the earth's history that will see the height of terror and human suffering at the hands of a distopian, evil government. The Nazi death camps and Pol Pot's genocide will pale in comparison to the twisted cruelties that are being planned.

When will these things happen? Where will it start? Why would an elite, a shadow global government plan these horrible things without any regard for human dignity, nobility and justice. Those very principles and values that have guided mankind through the numerous wars and revolutions are mere empty words for the elite, whose agenda is, for the sake of a better word, demonic in nature. Are people craving for a new philosophy, a new technology, a New Age thinking, a merging between all religions sanctioned by the most popular celebrities? Well, that desperate passion for another world order to replace the current mess of sovereign governments will result in a great deception for mankind.

We all have to wake up fast! We cant wait for wiki leaks or any investigative reporter to reveal the hidden plans and agenda of the shadow elite. There are already too many signs, in terms of non-mainstream reports, insider testimonies, visions and dreams that reveal the existence and plans of the New World Order (NWO). When man abandons God for the sake of a new found independence, a new found power, is he not like the first Adam who took the apple and became cursed as a result of his disobedience against his Creator?

How do all these global developments affect Malaysia? In the past year, the country has been beset by a political storm between two leaders with one opposition leader held captive in jail. Two mysterious airplane disasters have also caused great dismay across the fractured community. There is currently a great fear that things will go out of hand and the country may sink in economic (i.e. collapse in oil prices,weakening currency and GST-induced inflation) and political chaos (splintering of Opposition and Barisan). If things go out of hand with the additional infusion of external chaos (ISIS, regional conflict,etc), the next move may be the entry of a third new coalition party (whether foreign-friendly or funded by a foreign government) that will be a new puppet to the NWO headed by a few well-known characters in the world stage who are already ready and prepared to move into their new roles. Who are they?

The only clues I can provide at this juncture are that they come from the following countries: America, England and Italy. But there will be some kind of trouble coming from the East: Russia and China are also preparing for their roles in the final world drama. Another clue to watch is the U.S. presidential elections 2017. There may or may not be an election in a time of unprecedented changes.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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