Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Gardener Rabboni & The Woman At The Tomb

A woman is weeping outside an empty cave tomb. Two strange men stand guard inside the tomb, ask her why is she crying. She says “They have taken my Lord away and I don’t know where they have put him.” The men remain silent.

Suddenly, a man appears in the sunlight at the entrance to the tomb. Thinking he is the gardener, the woman, with tears in her eyes, asks him if he has carried the body that was previously there. The ‘gardener’ calls out her name, “Mary” and she turns towards him and cries out “Rabboni (teacher in Aramaic)! My Lord Jesus! You are alive!”

Jesus is alive today and he waits at the door of Heaven for us to join him. He has prepared a beautiful garden in Heaven for us that we may live joyfully with Him.

Jesus is the Gardener of our lives for he takes out the weeds and cuts off the twigs that bear no fruit in our lives. He is the Teacher through His Word in the Bible and he is also the Shepherd, who takes us to living waters, out of the desert, out of the valley of death into life eternal.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
Say this: Heavenly Father, I have sinned against You. Forgive all my sins. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again. I give you my life to do as You wish. I want Jesus to come into my life & heart. In Jesus's name. Amen