Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 Hours In Heaven and 10 Minutes in A Traffic Jam

While I was driving my son to school on a rainy day, I thought of continuing our discussion about Heaven after what I recently read about a pastor's six hours experience in Heaven.

On October 22 1988, Henry Gruver, a global itinerant pastor called by God to visit and pray for nations, was taken up to Heaven during a prayer session from 10am to 4.15pm. Read the whole testimony here.

Anyway, i started by telling my son about the golden pavement flowers that sang to God and this was what followed during the 10 minutes we were driving through the PJ traffic:

Father: When the flowers sang, their songs were so wonderful and turned into a glowing light that went up to the throne of God.

Child: That is why Heaven is full of lights, right?

Father: Yes, Heaven is full of lights and songs of love for God.

Child: Will I have a brithday cake in Heaven? Can I make a birthday wish there?

Of course, you can wish for anything in Heaven and God will make your wish come true. But you will make only good wishes because there are no bad wishes when we are there.

Child: (Silence as he pondered over this before asking...) Can I wish for God to show me how He makes miracles happen?

Yes, you can ask God to teach you about His miracles. That is real magic because the only true magic is the miracles of God. (Pastor Gruver mentioned this miraculous quality of Heaven in this excerpt:

"All of creation when it gives life and gives honor and praise to throne that made it, it is regenerated in that manner. As the River of Life flows beneath throne, so does all life flow from throne. Everything in heaven is regenerated continually in the presence of his glory. You see perfection of beauty and no degeneration.")

Finally, as he put on his heavy school bag before leaving the car, I ended the conversation by saying I will write all this on my blog and then prayed the fatherly prayer for him.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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