Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How God & Man Can Change Malaysia's Destiny

For many months since the political earthquake of 8th March 2008, I, as an ordinary citizen, have been praying and seeking solutions to Malaysia's seemingly intractable economic and political problems.

Why should I care if not for the fact that I love this beautiful country where I spent many wonderful teenage years and where my children will be growing up.

Presently, the problems we face seem insurmountable at this stage when a new Prime Minister will be taking over the government, the Opposition is facing fresh hurdles and the economy is sliding into possibly its worst recession.

Einstein once said that given an hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes understanding (or defining) the problem first and the last 5 minutes solving it.

Dr Aiko Hormann, a Christian minister of God and a former Artificial Intelligence scientist with NASA, revealed in her remarkable interviews (with "Its a New Day") that the way for us to resolve difficult problems (financial, health, emotional, spiritual) is to move into God's perspective and declare God's promises over the present situation despite the adverse circumstances.

In doing so (and we need to be sincere in our motives which is to glorify God), God will actually bring about a change in our external circumstances to be in line with our spiritual state of being (which is a joyous praise and thanksgiving to Him who has already done the finished work of healing, of freedom from poverty, of freedom from anger, hate, bitterness, etc.)

She reveals that the two hindrances that keep us from instantly seeing the power of God work in us is (a) to be distracted by the physical sensations of our present and (b) not being able to "see" from God's time perspective of the past-present-future.

In other words, humanity is always attempting with little success in moving from point A (the present with all the harsh realities) to point Z, where all our problems are gone.

Rather than dwell in A, God wants us to be spiritually and mentally be in the future time zone of Z, where all His work is accomplished just as Jesus Christ finished the work of our redemption with His death on the cross two thousand years ago.

How does all this relate to Malaysia's current problems? Well, I believe Christians as well as non-Christians should take a different perspective of this country, where its future lies according to God's plan and not according to our ideals or visions.

And the important point is not to despair or be discouraged by what we see in the physical realm (no, YB Lim Kit Siang, we are not entering a dark age) but instead be joyful and strong in nurturing a victor's perspective and mentality (not a victim's pessimism). Why? Because this is the kind of spiritual partnership with God that will work real miracles in this country.

No man can defeat the problems we face or heal a divided nation. Only when we begin to see how small, how insignificant these problems are, do we see from God's eternal perspective.

Postscript: Whether Malaysia will see its problems fixed overnight or in three or four years time depends on how we submit to God's guidance and solutions. Dr Hormann did say that sometimes, the victory is delayed so that our faith will be tested and emerge stronger after we go through difficult times.


iamyuanwu said...

This is an inspiration.

I'm not a God fearing person as much as you are (which I regret). However, I believe what you are trying to convey (in a layman, non-spiritual term) is...

We should walk and talk like winners, and we'll be winners in time to come.

Jeremiah said...

Hi Yuan Wu,

Thank you for visiting. I'm glad that you can understand this complex post. These ideas are not mine but transposed from listening to Aiko Hormann's interview.

Aiko said we need not be spiritual giants to be able to see from God's perspective. Let Him fight our battles since we have already won.

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Do You Want To Know God?
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