Monday, April 6, 2009

A Beautiful & Mighty Nation In The Making

God works in unknown ways. Deep in my heart, I wish that PR will win the three seats (Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai) in the by-elections tomorrow.

What is God’s plan for Malaysia under the new PM Najib? Will he be under pressure to reform or maintain a tight grip on the status quo?

Tonight, I’ll pray that the the best party with the best leaders will win in line with God’s future plan for this beautiful and mighty nation.

Malaysia is beautiful because it is the nation beloved by God for its racial harmony despite government-sponsored racism. It is mighty because the dramatic political upheavals and elections in the past year have been broadly peaceful with no bloodshed.

7th April, Tuesday: Whichever way the by-elections go today, I think PM Najib will surprise on the positive as far as incremental reforms are concerned.

If BN wins two out of the three seats (Bukit Gantang most likely will be won by PAS/PR), it would increase the people's anger more if BN sees the victories as an endorsement to be as corrupt and oppressive as before. So the PM will likely make some reforms to placate the middle ground, the most important challenge being the revamp/removal of the NEP stigma on the nation.

On the other hand, if PR wins all three of the seats, the PM will be under more pressure to reform BN internally, which is also good.

Either way, the stock market is riding a global bear market rally and should retrace later when the focus is back to a contracting economy.

Painting by Iranian artist Kamrooz Aram.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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