Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perak Crisis Snowballs In Favour of Perakians

Thank God I was prophetically discerning when I wrote on 4 Feb, the eve of changes in the state government in Perak:

"Today, God may allow the devious cross-over and reverse takeover of the Perak state government by BN for one very good reason: the whole population of Perak and the country will start to see how unethical and undemocratic is the BN in trying to gain power.

Let them win the war of cross-overs but they will definitely lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the voters."

The daily drama (or comedy?) of events in Perak since the day BN declared themselves the "new government" of Perak continues to show to the nation and the world that the people of Perak are the true victims of an unethical, unconstitutional grab for power at all costs.

The good news is that this crisis is turning into an avalanche of sympathy for the people of Perak as long as they are denied a snap election to elect the state government.

So I wonder why the bloggers, lawyers and media commentators are so exasperated and demoralised by the Perak political crisis. Whatever use of force (ISA or emergency rule) that the BN comes up with in desperation to assert its rule of Perak, the outside world is watching with bemusement.

All's well that ends well and the end of Be End is coming soon if it continues in its present path.

Postcript: I call on all Malaysians to pray for Perak, the state of grace, that the Lord will fight the battle for this state amidst the current turmoil it is going through and open the way for justice, righteousness and the rule of our constitution to prevail.

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