Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unanswered Questions: The Truth Demands A Hearing

I think the mainstream media analysis (including blogger Art Harun's) of the Suluk 'incursion' is flawed simply because the analysts are taking a historical and legalistic view of the whole incident.

What they fail (as well as many Malaysians) to ask is why did the Suluk sultan plan this invasion at this time of Malaysia's history. I am not saying there is an underlying conspiracy but there are many, many unanswered questions especially at this time of world history where countries' sovereignty is being threatened by the globalists (Syria/Libya/Egypt/Greece/Spain,etc,etc).

To deal with the cunning of the globalists, we must not talk logic or history with them. Neither should we fight tooth for a tooth as they are backed by very strong military and intelligence forces around the world.

We should be alert not to accept the narratives of globalists/politicians who control the media. Intelligent skepticism is the key to unlocking the truth. And citizens should demand for the truth to be spoken and discussed because telling the truth will expose the enemy.

I fully sympathise with the families of those who were killed in this tragedy. But the tragedy, I believe, will be worse if we do not know the agenda of the globalists who are out to destabilise Asia.

There are indeed many unanswered questions and the best way to deal with these mysteries is to allow the questions to lie fallow in our minds and ask God for guidance.

Watch out for North Korea (China/Russia proxy who have recently moved their troops near the North Korean peninsular) and the hidden agenda of certain key politicians in Washington. They are preparing and here we are...talking about history.

The mystery of today's geopolitics can only be unravaled by asking tough questions (is this believable, is this the truth, can I trust the media? Can I trust the politicians to tell the truth?) and applying probability analysis (how probable are events that appear to be independent but are actually not). If the answer is no, then the only choice is to speak out that our demands for the truth be found and made public (pending another ineffective Royal Commission of Inquiry).

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Do You Want To Know God?
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