Monday, October 20, 2008

Overcoming The Enemy's Political Tactics Against The Christian Family

The enemy (the principalities that covertly try to manipulate our thoughts) uses the same political tactics that Malaysia’s political parties use in maintaining their stronghold over ignorant, uneducated and emotionally vulnerable citizens.

These are 3 most common tactics used by the enemy in its current attempts to destroy the family and the country:

1. Divide and Rule:
By creating division between the spouses, the enemy has gained a foothold. One tactic to create division is for third parties to take sides in any domestic issues, however small or big. Another tactic is to use an imaginary or real scapegoat, someone who can easily be blamed for creating problems. [Racist politicians still feel that the best way to appeal to their own own racial support group is to make the other race look like the external threat to their prosperity and security.]

2. Reality Denial Mentality: By constantly denying the truth about a person or the person’s environment, the enemy uses this tactic to blind the person about the truth and hence prepare the person for a shock when the facts continue to contradict the person’s misleading perception of the truth. [Politicians often exaggerate about the economic outlook, either it is too rosy from the ruling government’s viewpoint or too bleak from the opposition’s viewpoint. Many politicans lie about race-based economic policies that mislead people into thinking that these policies are ethical.]

3. Subvert the Authority of the Father: In the Christian tradition which is supported by Biblical scripture, the father is the servant leader who helps his family to serve God and who makes sacrifices for his family. He is to love his wife as his wife is to submit to him. Changing or distorting this role by giving the wife more grounds to take the lead in family matters of finance, children's upbringing or religious values is against the tradition of the Christian family (unless the husband is a philanderer or unwilling to lead). [Politicians show little respect for the King, the PM and rival MPs, forgetting that these people are annointed by God and elected by the people's votes.]
While both husband and wife are to be willing partners in managing the family’s affairs, neither party should try to go against the will of the other. At the end of any disagreement, there must be a consensus built around mutual respect. The same role model is practised in all other traditions. The enemy tries to destroy the father’s mandate and credibility by whispering lies about the husband and making her question his ability or authority.

These three types of attacks against the Christian marriage and family can be nullified and revoked by spiritual prayer as well as:

(1) Appealing to the reason and good faith of the spouse in seeing that the enemy is the external threat and not the spouse nor the children.

(2) Keeping a healthy perception of the truth of surrounding circumstances and do not be influenced by gossip and wrong attitudes. Fellowship with faith-filled Christian friends.

(3) Ensuring that the whole family continues to read the Bible, pray and worship together so that they understand the way to achieving the family’s aim of health, happiness and prosperity is not through power struggles of right and wrong, not through perfectionism but through humble acceptance to the sovereign will of God in their lives.

Through the daily confession of sins and repenting of unforgiveness to God, each family member will align himself/herself in the proper relationship with God. Unforgiveness over past wrongs is the greatest seed for bitterness and conflict in relationship. Unroot that seed each day with the seed of goodness.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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