Monday, August 4, 2008

Will the Real Malaysian Flag Be Raised?

If celebrating Merdeka Day is a question of whether to fly the flag, or not, whether to fly it right side up or upside down, then it is just political posturing. Read Susan Loone's blog on this issue, Raising The Malaysian Flag or not?

As several bloggers have said before, the Malaysian flag does not represent the government but the country and its people. What is more meaningful is for both the PM and the defacto head of the Opposition to proclaim a national day of repentance either on Merdeka or Sept 16 Malaysia Day.

You may ask: Why should we innocent citizens repent when we have done no wrong to the country?

Not responsible for the state of the country? Really? Who abstained from voting for the past two decades to allow for a one-party monopoly? Who continued to support the compliant newspapers?

Lastly, who cursed Malaysia the blessed country by equating the government with the country, saying things like Malaysia is going down the drain or we are the Zimbabwe of SEA?

We can do what we want with the flag or any symbol, but our words of mockery and curses on Malaysia may one day come true.

What this nation needs on Merdeka Day is a time of reflection about the future of Malaysia in ten years time (2018). The world would have changed tremendously: China will be a bigger economic and political force. It may have become a democratic country and will, instead of supporting despotic and undemocratic regimes as it is currently doing, China may be a force for good in Asia. By then, will Malaysia be prepared for the political tsunami coming from outside?

Let us reflect in our hearts what we truly want for our children in this country and be humble enough to learn from other more successful countries.

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Do You Want To Know God?
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