Saturday, May 20, 2017

Looking into 2018 The Year of Triumph?

2017 is almost half way through and it has been a truly exciting roller coaster. The election of Donald Trump against all odds has been for me, a personal victory of sorts.

For many years, I have been concerned about the deterioration of the world political and economic order, especially with the disastrous policies and failed leadership of Barack Obama. The Syrian 'civil' war and the way the refugee crisis unfolded in Europe was the straw that broke the camel's back and the camel is essentially the Europeans and Americans. Brexit was the right response to teach the European Union that nations have a real choice to leave and regain their sovereign identity.

Having said that, the first few months of President Trump's administration has been quite mixed. He had more problems with the FBI and allegations of Russian collusion in the election, a charge which I see as truly without any logical basis. Yes, he may be friendly with Putin but if his alliance with Putin is to destroy ISIS and restore peace in Syria, then it is a positive thing.

The first year of Trump's presidency is likely to be rough and filled with road blocks from the elite who want him gone and impeached. But 2018 will be his biggest test because by then, he will have to carry through his fiscal stimulus and tax cuts to revive the US economy towards the 3.0% plus growth pace, which is the lower range of his 3-4% target.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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