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Prophecy Fulfilled: July Was the Starting Point for Falling Off the Cliff

Back on January 18 2016, Pastor Benjamin Faircloth shared a prophetic warning, “In the Month of Red, Blood Will Be Shed.” Benjamin Faircloth is the President and Founder of World Outreach Ministries International and also the Pastor of Ignited Church in Lavonia GA.

He was not told which month was the month of red, which is typical for prophetic words because God purposely only gives us part of the picture (1 Corinthians 13:9). Pastor Faircloth wondered if perhaps it might be February due to all the red surrounding Valentines day, but other months also have connections with red, so he was not sure.

Finally on June 15 2016, he received clarity from a new word which identified the month of red was July. He shared that in a new message, “July is the Starting Point for Falling Off of the Cliff.”

So July is the month of red, which makes sense because the birth stone for July is the ruby, a red stone. If birth stones are the determining factor, July is the only month that qualifies because the only other month with a birth stone even close to red is January, which uses the garnet stone, but garnets are usually reddish-brown and can be other colors such as purple, pink, violet, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, black, and even colorless.
So in the month of July, blood will be shed, but what does that mean? The same June 15 prophetic word also gave Pastor Faircloth clarity on the meaning of bloodshed. Here is an excerpt:

“July is the tipping point. The month of July will be the starting point for this nation and the world falling off the cliff. It all begins in July, the great unraveling. System breakdowns, societal breakdowns, military breakdowns. The emptying of grace has come to America.”

The warning of bloodshed refers to figurative bleeding, not physical bleeding. It refers to a breakdown in the systems of the United States and the world, so we are talking about large scale systems breaking down. Something that large would be hard to hide for very long, so we should start seeing some evidence soon.

Do we see any evidence yet? Yes, we do. Let’s consider each area mentioned by Pastor Faircloth, including system breakdowns, societal breakdowns, and military breakdowns.

System Breakdowns:
Financial analyst Jim Willie, founder of the Hat Trick Newsletter, shared some very disturbing financial information in an interview with Turd Ferguson’s Metals Report Program on September 1 2016. Amazingly, he reported the trouble started precisely on July 1 2016. The following provides a transcribed excerpt from that interview.

“I just got some extraordinary information in the last week. London Paul contacted me and said, ‘Jim, I have a contact. I have a source and this person is loaded with information and high level sources from four different Wall Street banks… All four high-level people at the Wall Street banks said the same thing. There have been about eight incidents of systemic and financial market failure just since July 1st. Every one of them was patched up with Bush narcotics money and the events are happening with a shorter timespan between them. And none of the four expect the current system to be standing in January.’

These are bank failures overnight, a Lehman event overnight, Lehman times ten. This is exactly what I have been warning about, a systemic Lehman event. If Bank of America shuts down, so will JP Morgan and Citibank.
No one in the public knew what happened. The public doesn’t know jack sh_t. They are not informed jack sh_t. We’re talking about not just the banks failing, but the treasury bond market failing with massive cracks in the U.S. treasury bond market being patched.

In other words, say South Korea, China, India, and three other nations put in an order to sell a huge block of treasury bonds and it is maybe $18 billion overnight and they can’t handle it. Treasury bond seizure is what I am referring to. Bond market seizure coupled with bank overnight failure.

There are eight bank failures, so we might have something like overnight events that are approaching $100 billion in failures. And not one of the four sources believes that the system will be making it to January.
…I am going to make a stand here. I am saying every month the Fed is covering derivative holes on the tune of $5 to $10 trillion dollars per month. They cannot sustain this. They can print unlimited (supplies of money), but they cannot manage the machinery. They cannot connect adequately the machinery, say to the Italian banking system, which I think is the Achilles heel. The German and Italian banking systems are the Achilles heel right now. There are too many strong cables connecting other contraptions. You pull on one and oops, you just yanked the Italian machinery. And there are twenty all tied together after Lehman Brothers, which means if any one of them starts jerking it pulls two or three others quickly. They are having trouble managing this complex perpetual motion machine, all based in insolvency.”
For more details shared by Jim Willie, click to listen to the 1:12-minute interview.

In summary, the global financial system is breaking under the weight of hundreds of trillions of dollars in exposure to financial derivatives, far too big for any government bailouts. Eight financial institutions have already failed and the rate of failure is accelerating. According to Jim Willie, the only reason we haven’t heard about it yet is because the Fed is pumping in trillions of dollars as a temporary fix. Even with access to unlimited supplies of money, the Fed cannot permanently fix the problem because “they cannot manage the machinery.” The system is literally breaking apart.

If the insider information provided to Jim Willie is accurate, the Fed and their banker buddies will not be able to hide the bleeding much longer. If the four Wall Street bankers are right, the whole system could come down within the next few months.

Societal Breakdowns:

Societal breakdowns are directly connected to financial system breakdowns. They share the same tipping point because a breakdown in our financial systems will bring about immediate societal breakdowns. Millions of Americans currently depend on regular government paychecks to pay for their basic necessities. What will they do when their checks stop coming? Almost everyone in our society depends on their local supermarket for food and their local gas station for gas. What will we do when our distribution systems are disrupted? Routine financial transactions will be temporarily halted there will be no financial institutions to process them, which means retail stores cannot restock depleted supplies, truckers cannot refuel their trucks, airplanes cannot fly, and our whole economy temporarily shuts down.

Desperate conditions like hunger and thirst cause immediate civil unrest. People who have appeared to be pleasant and polite will manifest their true nature when their basic necessities are denied. Seeds of division and discontent, which have been intentionally sown for the past eight years by the Obama administration, will produce a harvest of anger, outrage, and violence throughout our land. So July was the tipping point for a societal breakdown.

Military Breakdowns:
The United States military suffered a major breakdown, which also started in July. For the first time since World War 2, the United States lost military control over the Middle East. A failed military coup in Turkey on July 15 resulted in a shift in Turkish allegiance from U.S. backed NATO to a new strategic alliance with Russia. The net result was the loss of our largest and most powerful ally in the region. (Source: Wikipedia).

With the loss of Turkey, the United States also lost control over our Air Force Base there. Turkey is now giving Russian jets access to Incirlik Air Force base and the U.S. was forced to move our nuclear weapons away from there to Romania. These changes reflect a major shift that will have long-term implications for the capability of the U.S. military in the strategically important Middle East.

It can be challenging to know when prophetic words are fulfilled because we can’t possibly know everything happening in the world. Fulfillment can be happening behind the scenes, so we have to be patient until the fog lifts. Then we can look back and see what happened or failed to happen. In the meantime, it would be wise to remain silent rather than making accusations against the messenger.

Just as Pastor Faircloth saw, July was the tipping point for the great unraveling. Our current financial system, which is propped up by phony money created out of thin air by corrupt bankers, is soon coming to an end. A new system, anchored by China’s yuan and the IMF’s SDR, is ready and waiting to replace the old system and the U.S. dollar. For average citizens in the United States and other western nations, the implications are mind boggling. Life as we know it is soon coming to an end.

The world is entering into the worst of times and the best of times at the same time. For the unrighteous, it will be the worst of times as lawlessness causes the love of many to grow cold (Matthew 24:12). For the righteous, it will be the best of times as the glory of God arises upon His people in ways that have never happened before (Isaiah 60:1-3, Joel 2:2).

The coming collapse of the financial system will result in a transference of wealth to those who are properly positioned. Even though the trouble coming upon the world sounds dreadful, God has already made plans to turn it around for good for His people (Romans 8:28).

The systems of this world might have appeared to be the source of our provision, but they never really were. God has been our source all along. We are now entering into the time when He will demonstrate that for everyone to see and it will be an amazing thing to see! Therefore, the righteous have nothing to fear. Our greatest days are straight ahead of us!

Author: James Bailey
James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media outlets.

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