Sunday, August 31, 2014

Who Is The Man of History?

Who Is The Man of History and Where Does He Stand?

Is he not the one who suffered persecution, starvation, loss, oppression and depression?

Is he not the one who witnessed every form of injustice carried out in the name of justice, liberty and fraternity?

Is he not the one who persevered through moments of tragedy, humiliation and degradation of human dignity?

Is he not the one who asked himself and God above if all this whirlwind of a life has any meaning and was worth the pain and the tribulations?

The man of history will stand before the throne of God and testify to what he has done, is doing and will do.

He shall be held accountable to God and to all that he was, is and will be.

The man of history will not justify the evil nature of man. Neither will he claim credit for all the greatness of his fellow man's ingenious works of art, literature and science, both past and present.

The man of history is not the humanist who puts himself and mankind on a pedestal and anoints himself as the master of destiny.

The man of history has seen everything that mankind has created and is not impressed nor fulfilled as there is no meaning to all the good and evil in this world wihout a sovereign God.

If everything and the end of history is but a dice thrown by the hands of chance, then eternity is just a memorial to the past, a tombstone in the museum of posterity for future generations to walk past.

The man of history is not afraid to ask the impossible question to himself and his fellowman.

What is the meaning of life and where will we go after death?

He seeks answers beyond the scope of science and the intellectual boundaries of human reasoning.

The man of history humbles himself before God and embraces the grace and mercies of his Creator God without whom he is but mere dust that returns to dust.

The man of history is above nationality and culture and he knows the schemes of the devil to exploit man's primitive fear of those who are different from him in the form of racism, nationalism, tribalism and family blood ties.

The man of history stands humbly before the Judge, the Defender and the Prosecutor. He is ready to give account of himself with reference to the divine plans that have been woven in his redeemed spirit to love and obey God with all his heart, body and mind.

Where does the man of history stand in the perspective of the world? Is he not a caricature of a good-hearted idealist who suffered for nothing?

The man of history stands tall before a dying world shaken by storms and mounting catastrophes which presages the judgement of God on man's lot.

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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