Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meditations Before The End of 2012

Malaysia is in such a favourable position in terms of the increased political awareness of its citizens that all the country needs is a PM and a party that not only talks but acts honestly, justly and efficiently. We don't need mavericks like Tun Dr Mahathir nor passive bureaucrats like Badawi. Nor do we need cash-handout prime ministers who are so generous with tax payers money.

The crunch time for Malaysia has arrived. We need to shape and redesign our future on our own terms with fairness to all races and religions, upholding the freedom of religious worship and respect for human rights and the right to a first class education system.

Forget and leave behind the shameful past of corruption and civil unrest, we have a future to take hold of. The Internet discussion/forum among equals and the rise of alternative media is a great starting point for this new Malaysia. Malaysia Terbaik should be the new slogan not the lackadaisical Malaysia Boleh.


 On Malaysian Emigration: Brain Drain or Heart Drain?

In my view, the battle for the heart and soul of Malaysia is not only in the social and political realm, it is very much in the spiritual realm.

Like an unruly child who has gone astray, Malaysia is still our own country begotten with blood and tears. To all emigrants or would-be emigrants, I say: you have to come back for the final battle for this nation for you were borned for a time such as this. Speak words of blessing and claim God's promises for this wonderful country. Speak courage and peace into the hearts and minds of all Malaysians. Pray that God will expose all hidden and evil schemes by the enemy through the global elite to change Malaysia's future.

Being politically active is not just a matter of voting for Pakatan Rakyat. In fact, we have to watch and pray carefully the course of events in the next 15 months according to one American prophet who came here last week.

Arab Spring was not driven by economic hardship. The global elite under the planning of one American leader concocted the Arab Spring to bring into power the Muslim Brotherhood who is taking over most countries in the Middle East: Libya and Egypt has fallen, next is Syria and then Iran, both of which are Shiite Muslims. The end game is a world war that no one in their right minds wants to see happen in their lifetimes (despite the fact that we are now living in the times of divine judgment when the folly of mankind will soon unravel). 

Will the socio-pathos global elite target Malaysia by funding both BN and Pakatan Rakyat so that there will be chaos in the streets? Soros was already mentioned as a possible sponsor of one of the parties and I would not be surprised if he also has a hand behind the old BN elite. Only the Lord Jesus has the power to intervene against these trends. Guys, it is time to wake up, fast and pray that this nation will stand apart from the rise of the coming One World Order which will comprise North America-Europe-China and possibly Australia/NZ.

Malaysians will also do well to be globally alert by reading Alex Jones from or


On some criticism of articles in Micah Mandate website

The article posted by Micah Mandate administrator conveniently skims through the question whether Americans or anyone should believe that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian just because he says so. Many of his actions and policies are not Biblical especially the value of life in the womb versus abortion and man-woman marriages vs same sex marriages.

So American voters are faced with two choices: one is a Mormon who espouses Christian values and one who is a professed Christian who practises non-Christian values (apparently he does not attend any church regularly and was a member of Jeremiah Wright's church which promoted Black anti-White prejudices).

Pls read the article below. I beseech the Administrators at Micah Mandate to be more balanced in selecting articles.


On the question whether Christians should protest in the streets

On the issue of civil disobedience/protests, whether Christians should go to the streets to protest (e.g. Bersih rally) is a matter of political and moral choice.
There are no hard and fast rules in such situations. But the question of individual actions and choice should be based not only on the word of God but also the wisdom and voice of the Holy Spirit. When should we go and when should we leave the streets? Which areas to go and avoid?

Preachers should preach the Kingdom of God so simple and powerful that even a fisherman and a tax collector can grasp. Not the gospel of Martin Luther King nor Archbishop Tutu that was perhaps powerfully relevant in their times. Not the gospel of socialism nor the prosperity gospel.

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Do You Want To Know God?
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