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The Destiny and Prophecy for The Rainbow Nation

As I have been saying for many months since last year, Malaysia is at a major crossroads in a world that is shaken by all forms of disasters: political, religious, economic and geological.

Yet, we seem to have survived and prospered in relative peace...But there is a warning and this is what I have come across from a prophecy given by God to Pastor Julius Suubi and Pastor Francis Ameta from Kenya.

The Intercessors at the 24/7 Prayer House in Kenya have been fasting and praying for Malaysia since the 5 January, 2010 for 40 days. There was a very, very strong burden for Malaysia and during their intercession there was much weeping and crying out for this nation.

The following is the message they received from the Lord for Malaysia:

Malaysia is at a very important crossroads. The Lord says that He has been so faithful to the nation of Malaysia. He has protected Malaysia in 3 areas:

1. The principalities over Malaysia have tried to cause racial dissension. Feelings were stirred in the hearts of the people to rise up for destruction but because of God’s grace, He has prevented this destruction from happening.

2. God has protected Malaysia from natural calamities when the surrounding regions have been hit by such disasters.

3. God has protected the church. Seeing that you are in a Muslim land, the church has a high measure of freedom thus far. Many times the enemy has tried to come up to close in on the church but God has not permitted it.

God’s faithfulness and favor towards Malaysia is not because the Church has been praying. In fact, the Church in Malaysia has entered into a comfort zone. The Church is so contented and so comfortable and in slumber. There is prayerlessness in the church and she is not carrying the burden that God has for the “cousins” in the land. Most of the prayers that take place in the churches are personal prayers but not a burden for the nation and the lost.

Warning from the Lord:

The veil of protection over Malaysia is slowly giving way over this land.

The heavens over Malaysia have already begun to close.

The burning of the churches is but a tip of the ice-berg of what the enemy is wanting to do over this nation. There is a looming judgment waiting to take place over this land if intercessors do not arise.

Teaching on Abraham pleading for Sodom & Gomorrah by Pr Julius Suubi

Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah but his prayers could not deliver the cities. His prayers alone could not prevent the judgment of God upon the cities. Abraham was not living in Sodom & Gomorrah. The people of the land themselves need to arise to intercede for their own land. Unfortunately, there was no one in the land who took up the burden to pray for their cities and the cities were destroyed.

Application to Malaysia:

Only the prayers of the people in Malaysia can deliver their land. This burden has to be taken up by the Malaysians themselves. They have to arise to pray for their land, cry out to God, influence the people and to tell them that the nation is at an important crossroads. Tell the people that the next 5 years is so very important. They either arise to a very, very powerful revival or slide in the other way.

God’s will is for Malaysia to rise up to her destiny (being a “Rainbow Nation”) and for a great revival to sweep through this land. Our brothers from other nations are just here to help us “PUSH”. They are like “midwives” to help the Malaysian Church push until they see the baby born (the destiny of Malaysia). The Malaysian Church has to pray and intercede to open the heavens over Malaysia. To see revival, we need the heavens to be open. Prayer will open the heavens. The enemy will try to hinder our prayers but we must persevere and pray until we see the revival.



Penang is like the umbilical cord. Just as an umbilical cord supplies nourishment to the baby, Penang provides life to sow prayer and seeds for the revival in Malaysia. The baby about to be born is the revival that God has planned for the nation. The Lord is asking the Church in Penang, “Are you willing to pay the price for the revival to come?”

Penang is also like the church in Pergamum where it was mentioned that the “seat of Satan” was there in the city. Penang has attracted the enemy to this place. The Lord wants to raise up prayer warriors in this city to stand in the gap.

Teaching on Altars by Pr Julius Suubi

In times of judgment, people were to raise up altars to reverse the effects, to bring about healing for the land. There are 4 altars that need to be raised up at a time like this:

1. Personal altar: We are the temple of the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit indwells us. We need to activate our personal altar. We need to pray everyday. Develop your personal prayer life.

Pray at least one hour a day. Jesus asked his disciples, “Could you not tarry with me one hour?”

2. Family altar: Husband, wife, children need to gather together to pray. We need to establish the family altar. Exercise authority over your household in problem areas. When men break faith with their wives, there is no family altar and this has great impact upon the children (Malachi 2:13-16). Family prayers will affect your neighbours and neigbourhood as well.

3. Church altar: My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7). The strength of the church is not measured by how many members, how much money or how powerful the pastor is. It is measured by how strong the prayer life of the individuals in the church. Very few people at the prayer meetings, a common sight in our churches.

Prayer meeting is for everyone, not just certain groups of people.

God wants to establish the Territorial Church (territorial altar) in the city to impact the city. There needs to be a unity among the churches in the area or city. The territorial church can deal with the principality over the area and thus have great impact over the area or city.

If all cities have territorial altars then every city will begin to experience transformation.

4. National altar: People from the various territories or regions that have set up their altars will need to gather together to form the national altar. The prayers that rise from the national altar will greatly impact the nation.

Finally, let’s take heed of God’s Word concerning watchmen who are not doing the work of watchmen.

God has called us to be watchmen on the wall, to warn the people of impending judgment or danger. Let us not be like the watchmen as described in Isaiah 56:9-12. If we are like watchmen who are blind and dogs that cannot bark or shepherds who lack understanding, then the “beasts of the field…… the beast of the forest” will come and devour our land! Take heed, Church in Malaysia!!!! The Lord has spoken through his prophets (Amos 3:7).

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