Friday, April 1, 2011

Malaysia At Spiritual Cross Roads Amidst Political Deceptions Locally & Globally

As Malaysia prepares for the 13th General Election coming right after the Sarawak state election, the political struggle that is being fought between the incumbent state government party and the Opposition parties in Sawarak threatens to overshadow the larger moral issues facing the nation.

 Do Malaysians, political experts, bloggers and man-in-the-street, know that we are heading towards the end of the age? Do we think we are immune from the earthquakes/tsunamis that hit Japan and other countries of the world? What do these natural disasters which wipe out thousands of lives mean for the people of Malaysia apart from taking precautions not to eat Japanese food or review our nuclear plans ?

The sins of the people of Malaysia are evident: one the one hand, we have corrupted politicians who have made themselves wealthy and powerful at the expense of the people and on the other hand, we have the yet-to-be-tested politicians in the Opposition who try to take power away from the corrupt. For the latter, the road to Putrajaya seems to be the ultimate solution to Malaysia's woes.

What precisely are the sins committed by this nation? Arrogance and self-promotion of our own communities, racial divisions and pride, pornography, adultery, divorce, hypocrisy at all levels and the complacency of the general citizens who only care for their own short-term interests. i.e. their rice bowls.

Will our rice bowls be taken away from us in the next global economic tsunami despite the fact that we console ourselves that Malaysia is blessed with oil and commodities? The deforestation of Sarawak, the mistreatment of the poor and enrichment of crony capitalists there is a testimony of our rape of natural resources and the indigenous people that God planted there.

The only way the nation can avert the divine judgement of God on this nation as He is indeed shaking each nation throughout the world (after Japan, the next natural disaster could be in the Ring of Fire) is by repenting of our sins and turning our eyes, our hearts to God. Therefore, Malaysians, especially Christians, should be careful not to put their faiths in new or existing political leaders to bring justice and righteousness to the nation.

And the churches of the country, as will be the case in Sawarak on 16th April, will play a major role in turning the nation to repentance of our sins, praying to God for mercy and forgiveness of our self-serving life-styles.

Indeed, the Lord Jesus is coming soon and the rapid deterioration of the current world order is happening before our very eyes on TV and the daily news. (Please do read my previous post Troubles in the Middle East and What It Means To Us)

Face the Spiritual Challenges First, then the rest will follow

Over the land of Sarawak, there is what the Christians call a principality that tries to rule over the land and its people.

We are not called to engage in spiritual warfare with flesh and blood (i.e. mankind) but with principalities who often portray themselves (through their human subjects) as kings of the land.

Once you pull down these principalities thru prayer, repentance for the sins committed against the land and declaring that Jesus is the King of Kings, you will deal the biggest blow to the enemy. Then perhaps we may see a real change in the land come 16th April 2011.

So it is important for the opposing political candidates and voters to be courteous and loving to each other. Let us not demonise Taib no matter how much he is vilified by certain people. Let us show love and mercy while praying hard for God's justice to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Early this year, tyrants and dictators have fallen in Tunisia and Egypt and even the principality of Sendai was shaken. Sarawak’s economic and social problems are far from Tunisia and Egypt and God has blessed this land with peace and abundant resources (albeit diminishing). But being the first state to usher in the next general elections, I think this state is key to Malaysia’s spiritual transformation.

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Anonymous said...

The churches of Malaysia should repent and mourn not only due to the restriction of the word of God in this country but also for all the sins committed by Christian and non-Christian citizens.

As the Sarawak election heats up in the coming days, we should be careful not to use God or the Al Kitab issue just to help the Opposition merely gain political victory.

By all means, pray for God’s will to be done in Sarawak and for justice to be given to the oppressed people and the opressor according to God’s wisdom and righteousness.

But Malaysians should be careful and alert about our spiritual condition during these end times. Global economic, political and geological shifts are happening heralding the return of Christ and the rise of the Antichrist who is currently disguised as a political hero worldwide (any guesses?).

Malaysian churches need to wake up and be focused on God and what He has to say and planned for this nation in the days ahead.

Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
Say this: Heavenly Father, I have sinned against You. Forgive all my sins. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and rose again. I give you my life to do as You wish. I want Jesus to come into my life & heart. In Jesus's name. Amen