Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Season of Great Changes Starting with 2nd Half of 2010?

The start of the second half of the year and the approach of September is usually an exciting time for world events.

I am focusing my prayers and thoughts on certain events - in particular the battle between the coming one world order contrived by man and the natural divine plans of God.

We all know who will win ultimately and my prayers are for Malaysia that we shall stand in the right standing with God in Heaven so that we will avert the global catastrophic and cataclysmic events that will sweep the earth in the coming years.

The question for end time Bible scholars is whether we are at the start of the seven year period in which the Great Tribulation will begin in the middle of Daniel's 70-weeks (seven years in Biblical time) and which will culminate with the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth.

Who knows the actual timing of these events including the Rapture and the Ezekiel war? We may not know the dates but we are instructed by God to be watchful and be ever alert about our spiritual conditions.

Until my next post, I shall make this season to be one of active prayers and intercession for my family, loved ones, friends and country.

May the good Lord grant you peace and shine His gracious light on all of you.

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Joshua said...

I read one analysis that says the 7 yr period starts on 25 Oct 2010.
This means that the Great Tribulation may start in 3 and a half years from that date, i.e. April 2014.

The reasoning behind this conjecture is that the next Jubilee year will be 2017 and if you work 7 years backwards, 2010 is the start of the 7-yr period before Christ returns to save Israel from her enemies.

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