Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day for National Reconciliation & Healing

I agree with Farish A Noor's factually accurate article on Malaysia's current politics (A Dead-End To Malaysian Politics?). But surely, he has allowed himself to be dismayed and disillusioned by the frenzied state of politicking.

Looking at our situation closer, I prefer to use the metaphor of the glass of water which Malaysians always thought was drinkable until somebody stirred the water and mud came up clouding up the glass.

All the mudslinging and rumours of corruption/murder/sodomies are to be expected in this Machavielian fight for power among the contenders.

The Rakyat should continue to watch and examine how much our leaders from both BN/PR are genuinely concerned to represent the public's interest. They have failed badly so far, but let us not demonise them to the extent they lose face.

The day will come, sooner this year or later by the next election, when Malaysians will decide whether to throw out the water from the glass and put in fresh water(new government) or sterilise the water so that it is still drinkable.

The last thing I want to do is to sit mournfully in front of the half-full glass and weep. However, Farish has hit the nail on the head with his suggestion for national reconciliation and healing for the whole nation.

A day for national reconcilation can be held on Merdeka day when all citizens and current and past leaders apologise for their mistakes in the past and vow to move on united as a nation. On that day, let us stop the finger pointing and instead point at our own hearts before God or conscience (for non-believers), that we have fallen short of the promise deserving of this great country and will learn to start on a new leaf.

To start with, here are the few things I suggest we ask God to forgive us for:

- To have falsely accused innocent people of crimes and sins they did not commit.

- To be judgmental towards both the guilty and innoncent when we ourselves are also subject to judgment.

- To have willingly voted for governments and parties that have subsequently disappointed us and misrepresented our national or state's interests.
- To have used foul language and become angry with this beautiful and blessed country.

- To have said terrible, sarcastic and condemnatory words about Malaysia as if Malaysia is equal to the government and its peoples. (Malaysia is the land and much more)

- To have offended the faiths of our fellow citizens and of other nationalities (including derogatory comments about Jews, Arabs, Americans, Zimbabweans, etc)

- To have given up all hope in our country just because of the weaknesses of our elected leaders.

- To have written statutory declarations that are not based on the truth.

- To have failed to protect the weak, impoverished, oppressed and not upheld justice for the victims of murders and crimes.

- To have engaged in politicking just to gain some political advantage.

- To have misrepresented the interests and the future of our children and our children's children by fooling ourselves about entitlements based on race when the world economy has already moved beyond such primitive systems.

These are my items for asking the nation and God to forgive us and repent for the wrongful words/deeds we have done to Malaysia. This country needs some hearfelt prayers and true respite beyond just waving of flags, making empty speeches and going about our own ways on Merdeka Day.

(Postscript: If neither BN nor PR can agree on holding the day of national reconciliation, then either one can go ahead unilaterally and invite all citizens to gather on a non-partisan basis).

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Do You Want To Know God?

Do You Want To Know God?
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