Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baking A Bigger Pie for The Nation To Share Equally Among its People

Despite 50 years of race-based politics and a disastrous social economic policy (NEP), many Malaysians have still not woken up to the meaning of the political changes that we saw on 8th March 2008.

There are still many Malaysians - from the highest to the lowest levels of society- talking about special privileges based on race and warning about the dangers of upsetting the status quo.

The idea that there will be political instability when one race becomes economically poorer than another in a multiracial society is filled with fallacies, especially in today's world of electronic communications and global dialogue.

First, on a matter of human principle (all men & women are created to be treated equal with equal rights), the legalisation of political and economic privileges based on race is something that the world has struggled with in the past, and we know the victors were those who favour humanity and equal rights (the fall of legitimised racism and white nationalism in South Africa, the failure of Fascism in Germany, etc).

So as a matter of principle and even as a matter of practice, the promotion of superior rights for any race, be it minority or majority, will actually lead to instability, either from the inside which happened in Malaysia, or from external forces (which is reflected in the marginalisation of Msia's economic health versus its stronger neighbours - Indonesia, Thailand, Spore etc.)

The truth is that the winds of change have come to Malaysia. And it is God's divine will that all unjust laws and corrupt practices will eventually be blown away by new forces of change. Anwar himself may be an opportunist as some people may say, but he is definitely used by God to change Malaysia for good and transform this country into a model of civilisation. If we are wary of his true intentions (who can trust a politician anyway, especially one who is not repentent over his track record), make sure there are checks and balances and ensure neither Barisan Nasional nor Pakatan Rakyat gets two thirds majority.
There is hope in a meritocratic society: as Malaysians learn to respond to incentives to enhance their abilities without crutches or government aid, they will be able to compete globally with the very best. At the educational level, those of us who are more efficient or capable can take time to teach and guide the ones who are less capable (e.g. the Finnish model of education is one example of a successful education system).

Friendly domestic competition based on mutual trust and respect will lead to a greater economic pie for everyone, regardless of race, to share. Let us all work for a real future and a vision we can all share and work against the idea that the baker will always be there to cut a bigger slice of the pie for some sections of the populace. Baking a bigger pie is always better than slicing a big portion of a cupcake.

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Jeremiah said...

Thanx god u r not Anwar supporter, so do I. I prefer, we stop digging each other grave but working toward better nation & MALAYSIAN.

I would suggest d listed public figure below to accept my opinion if U r really love d 'MALAYSIAN'.Forget about ur EGO and SELFISHNESS but start afresh. Pleaaaaaase!!!!

I actively campaign for d BARISAN RAKYAT for d last GE but now BR has been robbed and gone!!Suddenly PAKATAN RAKYAT appeared. FUNNY.

1 Dr M please be silent.The more U talk, the more mistake U'll make. People now looking at you demerit not merit, so be careful. Pls Doc!

2 Dollah,U didn't get the message aah? From in & outside BN want U to
vacant the seat laa...! Simple.Take ur long honeymoon & don't forget to
bring along Khairy forever. People don't want him anymore.Don't belief U ask Krishamudin.

3 Anwar, forget about PM pose.Don't have to prove anything.People know ur secret agenda..BALAS DENDAM!!!No ending story.U r white Khairy and Khairy is black Anwar.Same species!

4 Hadi Awang.U made d T'ganu voters stick to BN.GE 2004? Last GE,'coz voters reject BN,yet U fail to recapture T'ganu.U r good for nothing.U see Nik Aziz!!! People don't accept ur approach. Bye Hadi!

5 Lim Kit siang! U also have to say sayonara to active politic.U can pass d baton to ur son, Guan Eng. Everybody like d way Guan Eng handle unless u willing to learn fr ur son.Oooop kindly drag Karpal along with U.MALAYSIAN 1st so prove it,sacrifice urself.Guan Eng can really work better without you.I don't hate U, in fact admire U but I've to choose MALAYSIAN 1st as what U always said.

6 to be continued...


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